12 benefits for bloggers to grow an email marketing list

Mar 24, 2021   |   5 minutes  

Email marketing has become less attractive than social media nowadays; however, it is still the most successful marketing strategy for bloggers to monetize their site.
Without further due, we want to tell you why you should build and grow your email list and start email marketing today!


1. No barrier to entry

Email marketing is the simplest way to reach and advertise to your audience. You don't need to know about Facebook ads, click-through rate, picking an audience; should I say more?
You are already writing content for your audience on your blog. You don't need a new skill to start.

What's needed:

  • your blog
  • an email provider
  • a signup form (could be from Leadjetty or your email service provider)

Don't know which email service provider to pick: At Leadjetty, we like ConvertKit and Mailchimp. You can get started for free for up to 1,000 and 2,000 subscribers, respectively, and their interface is pretty straightforward to use.


2. Less costly than ads - You can start for free!

Especially true if you don't know to advertise, running ads on a social platform can get costly very quickly. You might even need to hire somebody to run your ads and create some creatives for you.
As we mentioned above, you already have everything you need to start today without buying anything.
Most email providers have a free plan to use until you get enough subscribers to pay for itself.


3. Be Independent

This point is super important. You do not want to build an empire on a platform that could change the rules on you at any time.
When somebody subscribes to your list, you own all those emails. No platform can take them away from you. You could even change email providers by exporting your list if you are unhappy with your provider. Additionally, you run your marketing as you wish. Of course, you should follow best practices, not be spammy and respect your audience. Still, there aren't rules that you have to obey, like how much text you want to present your reader or your creative or even what your marketing content can and cannot be.


4. You get active readers

Rather than passively showing ads or tweets to an audience that may or may not be interested, an email subscriber has decided to give you their direct contact info. They are curious to hear more from you. Sending out an email is so much more valuable than tweeting out to the world.


5. Targeted and Personalized

The content your subscribers will receive is already something they are interested in, so you are reaching a targeted audience.
In addition to that, you might have their name or more info on them if you used progressive profiling and segmentation. Once you get big enough, you can send your subscribers even more specific information they will love.


6. Direct communication

By now, it is obvious, but you have direct access to your subscribers. You can send them directly content they'll receive in their inbox without third-party filtering.


7. Your subscribers could be worth $1/month each

You read it right; your email subscribers are worth so much more than people you reach through an ad campaign.
Why? Because you will be able to promote to them, nurture them, and pitch them constantly. You'll get to build a relationship with your subscribers that can lead to them buying from you and even being a repeat customer.


8. Make more money from your site's ads and make the search engines happy

Since you can, well really should, email your subscribers weekly, you can keep them engaged with your content and coming back reading your blog. Search Engine results are great, but often it only gets you first-time visitors. The hard part is getting readers to come back to consume your new content.
You need to stay in people's minds, and the best way is to send them updates. When they come back to your site, this translates into more ad revenue, page views and sessions increase, and eventually better ranking in search engines.
Additional benefit: The click-through rate in an email is higher than the average click-through from a social media post.


9. Know your audience better

If people are subscribing to your content, you most likely already connected with them pretty well. But you don't have to stop there. Find out more by sending surveys or questions to know what else they would like to see, who they are, what is most important to them. Engaging with your audience can help you discover new struggles and write about new blog post subjects.


10. Get some social proof

Social proof is necessary when you want to sell something. People need to see that others already tried a product and what they got out of it. An email list is a perfect way to get feedback, testimonials, and reviews from your readers/customers.
Later on, you get to use these testimonials in an email campaign to pitch what you have to sell!


11. Email marketing for sales

Once you have a product for your audience, create a campaign to send to your list.
Maybe you have 1,000 email subscribers you target for your sale campaign, and you have an excellent course for them for $70. Let's say that just 20 subscribers (2% of your list) decide to buy your course.
That's 20 * 70 = $1,400 with just one email campaign sent! Bonus, you can send the campaign to any new subscribers. At this point, it is becoming passive income.


12. Automated and On Repeat

One of the best parts of all of this is that you can put it on auto-drive. Once you created your first email sequence, you don't have to write a new email for every new subscriber. Your reader will automatically get your emails the way you initially set them up.
You'll probably want to tweak things every so often to improve the performance, but you don't have to start from scratch every time. Instead, build progressively on what you have.

There are so many advantages to building an email list and using email marketing. Some might take some time to grow to the scale you envision, but you can start small today!
Take action and set yourself up for success!