Create a newsletter subscription flow from scratch in less than 5min

Feb 1, 2021   |   1 minute  

Build a basic email subscription flow to embed anywhere on your blog from scratch.

Average time needed: 5 minutes

The steps:

  1. Create a new Flow and choose the Embedded widget type. Give it a title, no need to worry about any other configuration. Click "Create Flow"
  2. Add a Step by clicking "Add step" in the top right toolbar.
  3. Let's add two elements: a "Paragraph (Rich text)" and then and "Email" - Style the elements
  4. Add another second Step (Step 2) with a "Paragraph (Rich text)" element - Style the elements
  5. Turn the flow "on" and embed it on your blog (copy and paste the embed code in your post)!

Tip: If you keep the "system font" in your paragraph styling, this will automatically pick up the styles from your blog!