Getting started with quizzes

Feb 16, 2021   |   3 minutes  

Quizzes are always fun and engaging for your audience and a powerful tool to collect email leads for your blog.

The 3 types of quizzes available in Leadjetty

  • Correct answer quiz
This is the type of quiz you've taken at school, or a Trivia game!
There is really only one correct answer to choose from per question and at the end you are getting a grade on how well you did.

Oscar 2020 quiz
Trivia night!
How much do you know about the TV show Friends?

  • Range Score quiz
If function of the answer your quiz taker picks for each question they'll get a certain amount of "points", then range score quiz is it.
This works well when there is not a definite right or wrong for the answers but instead one answer is better than the other.

Are you ready to buy a house?
How likely are you to ... ?

  • Categorical quiz
Contrary to the previous types, the quiz result isn't a number but a category of your choice. You've probably seen before the quizzes like "Which Star Wars character are you?", the results could be: Luke Skywalker, Princess Lea, etc...

What is your personality type?
Which kind of traveler are you?

How to create a quiz in Leadjetty - All the elements you will need

1. Start a flow selecting the quiz type you want 

If you choose a Categorical quiz enter category outcomes.
If you choose Correct Answer or Range Score - leave the outcomes blank, you won't need any.

2. Add one step for each question 

On each step add your question as a single choice button element with the possible answers. It could look something like this:

3. Now you are able to add points or choose the correct answer for each of your questions.

Go back over each element question and you will see the input "Score Changes" to enter.

For Correct Answer Quiz:
- Add a score of "1" for the correct answer only
For the Range Score Quiz:
- Give points for each (or some of the) available answers for each questions. Maybe an answer gives you more points toward the quiz result than another. You can even use negative points.
For the Categorical Quiz:
- Choose how many points an answer will count toward your categorical outcomes.

Example: If my question is How would your friends describe you?
  • I want the answer "Loyal" to count for "10" points toward "Luke Skywalker"
  • "Kind" is "10" points to "Princess Leia"
  • "Who needs friends?" gives out "10" points to "Darth Vader"
  • Finally let's give "10" points toward "Chewbacca" for "Determined"

4. Your quiz is setup!

Now you probably want to show the results of the quiz to the visitor, learn more on how to use the quiz results here