3 Fun Lead Generators to Grow Your Email List

Apr 27, 2021   |   2 minutes  

Bring a little fun to your visitors and capitalize on what they love to do: Take quizzes and win gifts! Try these three ideas to grow your email list faster.

Personality Quiz

People can't resist a personality quiz. Why? Because we can't resist talking about ourselves, and there is a scientific reason for it: your brain releases a feel-good chemical called serotonin when you do so. Plus, it changes the dynamic from the visitors consuming content to them telling you about themselves!

So get those personality tests going. Create a fun quiz related to your niche that your visitors won't pass on! 

Knowledge Quiz

Your visitors want to discover more about themselves and improve! A knowledge quiz is a fun way for your readers to test their competencies on a subject and learn something they might not have known before. 

You are the expert in your niche, and you can build your test to tell people how knowledgeable they are!

Giveaway Entry

We are not thinking about an amazon gift card here ... Give your audience something valuable about your blog and business.

Some examples of giveaways:

  • A chance to win your course
  • A chance to snag a free copy of your new e-book
  • A chance to get a copy of the book you found the most useful in your niche

Make sure you add an end date on your entry so that your visitors don't want to miss their chance!

Bonus: Anatomy of a Fun Quiz

  •  7 questions: Not too short, nor too long.
  • Make sure to keep your questions to a one-liner so they are easy to comprehend.
  • Don't make the questions too obvious. You can translate answers from a different subject onto yours.
  • Avoid yes or no questions; it should be more intriguing. Instead, keep a consistent number of possible answers.
  • Think about the order of your questions to keep your audience engaged. Keep your best question for the end!