Lead Magnets: 10 Achievable Ideas for Bloggers as a First

Mar 24, 2021   |   4 minutes  

So, you want to grow your email list?
Building an email list is crucial for bloggers to monetize their site. If you haven't read it yet, you can find out 12 reasons why you should start building your list today!
The good old "Subscribe to my newsletter" isn't working too well anymore. Visitors have been getting blind to it for a while. Their email address is valuable to them, and nobody wants to get spam in their inbox, so you got to do something worthwhile for your visitors to trust you and be willing to share their contact with you.

What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is a free item or service that is given away for the purpose of gathering contact details. It needs to be valuable to your potential subscriber and give them immediate gratification.

In this blog, we could be listing all the lead magnets possible in the world and use the clickbait title "1000 lead magnet ideas", but I honestly don't think this would be useful to you. Instead, I'd like to share examples of lead magnet types that any lead magnet virgin could accomplish pretty easily. This means avoiding the intimidating ebook.
Also, I want to emphasize that those lead magnets should give you the least work possible, now or in the future, to maintain. For example, we won't be listing the content upgrade like: "PDF version of the blog post". Honestly, once your visitor reads your blog post, how useful is it to have the pdf version? Will they ever open it again? And for you, that would mean you need to create a PDF for every single blog post AND update it every time you change something in your post! No way.
What does this mean? Your lead magnet needs to be specific enough to solve your audience's problem but not so specific that it couldn't be relevant in multiple blog posts or sitewide.
Keep it up to date. Share it through a platform that allows you to update the files and keep all your lead magnets together so that you have a central workspace—no need to try to dig down in your computer to find back the file.

9 lead magnet examples

- Checklist

Convenient, to the point, easy to understand, checklists help anybody see where they are in the process quickly.
You may already have one without knowing. Look for a blog post you wrote that is very action-oriented. Then, take each point, remove all the descriptions of the why or how, and make it a bullet point to check off. You can even split it into sections if it makes sense to group bullet items by steps.

- Cheatsheet

As a checklist, the cheatsheet is brief and could be your reader's go-to paper to remember how to do something. It works well when you can summarize a complicated topic on one page.

- List of resources

Do you have a list of favorite tools, websites, businesses that have helped you over and over, overcoming an issue you connect on with your reader? Create a handy list for them, so they don't have a dig and vouch for resources themselves. It could be a list of blog posts you wrote, links to tools you've curated, etc.

- Templates or Swipe File

In a group with the checklist and cheatsheet, somebody can get immediate benefits using a template. They are like a guide where the user only has to fill in the blank. It could be a letter template, a reusable form or page you've designed, an email template.

- Spreadsheet or Calculator

Here again, immediate gain for the subscriber! Do you know how to create the perfect budget sheet or a loan calculator? Subscribers could use it as a plug-and-play where they can input a few fields and get everything calculated, giving them the answer they couldn't figure out by themselves.

- Workbook

Your process to work through an obstacle might be golden and could help your reader. Put it on paper as an exercise book to guide your reader through solving their problem.

- Calendar

A calendar is a great way to put a program on paper. Help your reader planning out the next few weeks, months, or a year, by figuring out a schedule and calendar for them. This could be a massive value for your audience.

- Toolkits

Group any of the lead magnets above, and you get a toolkit! Give your reader even more value by offering them the best you got to help them achieve their goals!

- Quiz

Quizzes are fun and entertaining! Who has not clicked through a few questions and then can't resist giving up their email address to see the answer they got? Hint: me for sure :).
You can make it educational and entertaining:
How literate are you about your finances?
What type of "fill in the blank" are you?


With which lead magnet will you start? I hope I made it a little less intimidating for you and that you get started on this today. The most important to keep in mind is always to provide excellent and valuable content for your readers.