Mailchimp Integration

Mar 1, 2021   |   3 minutes  

What you can do

  • Add a subscriber to your Mailchimp audience 
  • Add a subscriber to a Mailchimp tag
  • Add a subscriber to a Mailchimp group 
  • Every time the action run, if the email address is not a subscriber yet, one will be created for you, otherwise her details will be updated with the info you have collected.
  • Send additional details to Mailchimp: Email, First name, Last name and any audience fields that you have mapped in the integration settings. 

How to activate the Mailchimp integration 


Step 1 - Connect your Mailchimp account to your property 

  • Navigate to the integration page
Navigate to the settings page. You can find it under the "settings" icon in the sidebar (

Click on the Integrations tab.
  • Click the Mailchimp box

  • Add your api key and save
The api key can be found in your Mailchimp account under Account Settings / Extras - Api Keys. Create a Key in Your API keys if you don't have one yet.

Step 2 - Map the data you want sent to Mailchimp

Email, First Name and Last Name are automatically sent for you to Mailchimp if you use a Mailchimp Action in your Leadjetty Flow.

Once your Mailchimp account is connected, if you have created any audience fields for your subscribers in Mailchimp, you will have the ability to choose a contact attribute data in Leadjetty to send to your Mailchimp fields. 
For instance if you collect information in your Leadjetty Flows, such as a topic your visitors are interested in, you could set it up to be send to a matching field in their Mailchimp profile.

Step 3 - Using the integration in a Flow

After a contact enters their email address and name, you will probably want to subscribe the visitor to one of your Mailchimp audience or add the visitor to a tag or a group.

At any step in a Flow, you can choose to send the information to your Mailchimp account. Choose from the list of actions at any step by clicking the + icon in the Actions box for the step.

Each time you add a Mailchimp action to a Step, the following will be executed:
1. - Create or update (if one already exists) the email subscriber to your chosen Audience.
2. - Add the email subscriber to any group that you have selected, if you select any.
3. - Add any tags to the email subscriber if you entered any on the Action.

Keep in mind, you can trigger the integration at any step within a flow, in multiple steps, but you have to collect their email during "the" step or at a previous step.

  • You can only add to one Audience at a time
  • You can select multiple groups to add the subscriber to at a time. This is optional and can be left blank.
  • Tags are optional and can be left blank.
  • Watch out for typos in your tags. If you want to match already existing tags from your Mailchimp account, make sure to type them exactly the same. "hot lead" is not "hot Lead"
  • If you are collecting data in elements linked to a contact attribute in your Leadjetty flow AND you have mapped contact attributes to Mailchimp audience fields, any answer will be sent along the email subscriber and saved in your Mailchimp.