Quiz Results

Feb 16, 2021   |   1 minute  

What is the quiz result?

If you have picked a Correct Answer Quiz or a Range Score Quiz, the quiz result will be a number. 
If you have picked a Categorical Quiz, the quiz result will be any of the outcomes you have entered on your Flow.

Where is the quiz result?

The quiz result is available to you as the variable {{ quiz_result }}. On any step after all the questions have been asked, you can use the variable {{ quiz_result }} on any following step or action.

How to use quiz_result?

  • Displaying the result in a last step of your quiz

Use a paragraph element and display the score using {{ quiz_result }} in the text. When somebody answers your quiz, their score will display instead of {{ quiz_result }}.

Use case: you have chosen a Correct Answer Quiz and you'd like to display how the visitor did.
  • Displaying a result step function of the quiz_result the visitor got

You'll want to add an Action that skips to the step with the correct result. 

For example, if you got 2 out 2 we want you to see Step 3, however if you have answered 1 or less questions correctly, we want you to see Step 4. For that we have added two actions as follow:
  • Redirecting to a different page function of the quiz_result

Add an action that's redirect to url with a condition on the quiz_result.

Here we have chosen to redirect the visitor if they have gotten less than 2/2.